MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Working with women and children experiencing domestic violence

Identificativo: 23844

MAKING A DIFFERENCE PROVIDES A UNIQUE OVERVIEW AND PRACTICE GUIDANCE FOR THOSE WORKING WITH VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. IT OFFERS EFFECTIVE WAYS OF IMPROVING PRACTISE RELATING TO HEALTH, VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS, SOCIAL SERVICES, HOUSING AND POLICE SERVICES. • An overview of the ìssues relating to domestic violence towards women and children • A context wherein domestic violence can be acknowledged and addressed in agencies. • Child protection concerns. • Issues around contact with violent fathers. • Making links with other agencies, local forums, including women's refuges, and the police • Offering women practical and emotional support. • Engaging children and young people about domestic violence and its i m pact on them. 

Lingua: Italiano
Paese di pubblicazione: GRAN BRETAGNA
Note: P. 52

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