Il progetto Ubuntu è indirizzato a bambini, ragazzi, adulti, elders, insegnanti e operatori interculturali. Vuole esplorare attraverso esperienze dirette la conoscenza di noi stessi e degli altri, la profonda connessione nella profondità e la ricchezza dell’inclusione. Il progetto Ubuntu crea connessioni, è una forma di comunità intergenerazionale, apre finestre, valica soglie attraverso il corpo, l’arte e la narrazione. Il progetto Ubuntu vuole essere uno stimolo per realizzare il sogno della libertà e della pace.

Contents: Press release (19 may 1994) 1; Excerpts from Awepa report: Preface 2; Voting for change 2; The Eclectoral Commission’s key role 4; Election Day and Results 4; Final Points 5; The New Government 4; Statement of the JIOG (Joint International Observers Group) 6; Election results by district 7

Contents: Mozambique elections conducted successfully and in peace 1; Awepa International Observer Group says: “Poll expresses whishes of Mozambican people”; Statement by the special representative of the Secretary-General of the United Natios 19 November 1994; Awepa cooperation with South African Provincial Legislatures; Awepa observes Namibian elections; Angola Peace Accord signed in Lusaka

Contents: Awepa Observer Mission in South Africa Press Statement, 30 April 1994 1; Awepa Observer Coordination Unit Press Release, 22 April 1994 2; Interim Statement by International Observer Missions on South Africa’s first non-racial elections 3; Reactions to Election Results: President-elect Nelson Mandela, 2 may 1994 4; Reactions to Election Results: President FW de Klerk, 2 May 1994 5; Reactions to Election Results: Jan Nico Scholten, President of Awepa 6; Post-Liberation Prospects 7

Contents: European Support for Democracy in Southern Africa 1; Mozambique: Peace Process Stalled 1; Awepa Action Points on South Africa 2; Last Gasps of a Dying Apartheid Regime – Chris Hani murdered 3; Oliver Reginald Tambo 6; Mozambique Plan of Action 7; Election Date Too Late? 8; Malawi Referendum Yes or No? 8

Contents: Awepaa becomes Awepa 1,; The worst of 1993 – South Africa 1; The Mozambique Peace Process 2; Democracy in Namibia 4; Awepa Plan of Action 5; SADC Annual Conference 6

Contents: General Peace Accord of Mozambique 1; SA: Wars with different weapons 3; Violent stalemate continues – AWEPAA Report 4; Rebuilding relations: Central Europe and SA in transitions 5; SACBC visit to Eastern Europe 6; Namibia: AWEPAA fact-finding mission 7; Reconciliation and democratisation Internationalo Conference in Namibia 8  

Contents: Turning Point Boipatong 2-3; Independent Research: Government must stem violence 4-5; International Conference Vienna 7-9 October 1992 6; EC Presidency seminar London 23 November 1992 6; Farewell to Peter Sluiter 7; Norway, Sweden postpone sanctions lifting 7;  Replies to AWEPAA Drought Appeal 8

Contents: Awepaa abd Southern Africa in the 1990s 2; Gaborone Plan of Action 3; Food crisis 4; International conference, Gabarone, 27 April, 1992 5; Important SADCC project moving into operation 6-7; The crisis situation in Mozambique: Peace in the best solution 8; Lomé Users Guide fot Mozambique 8; Angola preparing for elections; Political systems under review in Souther Africa 10; The drought in Namibia 11; Codesa – II: agreements and pending issues 12; International Conference 7-9 October 1992 


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