South Africa on the threshold of a new era. Statement by H. E. Professor Ibrahim Gambari (Nigeria), Chairman of the Special Committee against Apartheid on his re-election on 13 January 1994

Nelson Mandela and F. W. De Klerk awarded 1993 nobel peace prize for momentous contribution to peaceful elimination of apartheid in South Africa

Publications of the centre against apartheid in 1993

Publications of the centre against apartheid in 1993

General assembly adopts without a vote resolutions on the elimination of apartheid and the establishment of a united, democratic and non – racial South Africa and on united nations educational and training programme for southern africa (20 December 1993)

South Africa begins transition to a non – racial, multi – party democracy

Opening Parliament, pag. 2; CODESA, pag 3; Amnesty Int.; CODESA, pag. 4; ACODA, Alleged AWB-ANC links, pag. 5; Township gangs; Natal secede, pag. 6; Goldstone Commision; bus plot, pag. 7; Cosatu; gender; platinum, pag. 8; SA International; exiles, pag. 9; Newslink; Khumalo; media, pag. 10; Rightwing youth; education, pag. 11; Oil sanctions; Equity, pag. 12; Economy, Eurobonds, pag. 13-14; Namibia, pag. 15-17; Angola, pag. 18-20; Mozambique, pag. 21-22; Zimbabwe, pag. 23-24; Southern Africa, pag. 25-28.  

Media; politics, pag. 2; electorate, pag. 3; Bill of Rights; justice, pag. 4; violence, pag. 5; Bantustans, pag. 6; women; education, pag. 7; trade union, pag. 8; Lonhro, pag. 9; education cuts, pag. 10; Namibia, pag. 11; Angola, pag. 13; Mozambique, pag. 15; Zimbabwe, pag. 17; Zaire; Malawi, pag. 19; Zambia; Tanzania; Botswana, pag. 20.

Contents: COVER STORY: THE HUMAN FACE OF JESUS – Albert Nolan writes about the many faces of Jesus and the search for a more human face. THEOLOGY TODAY: HOW TO TRAIN THE CLERGY: The crisis in theological education – Jim Cochrane analyses the problem and proposes a radically new approach. JOBS FOR ALL: A Christian demand – Buti Tlhagale draws our attention to the sub-human existence of South Africa’s unemployed masses and makes some very relevant suggestions from the point of view of a Christian theology of work.

Contents: “Assessments” & “Comments” on ANC; Apartheid Strategy Against ANC in the UK; Nkomati Aftermath; Apartheid Pressure on Lesotho; Developments in Namibia; Youth in Struggle; Thugs Attack United Democratic Front; Political Trials & Detentions; Medical Conference to be Held in SA; Failing to Report for Duty; Immorality of Apartheid; Oil Supplies & Corruption; Press Matters; Students & Education; Urban Developments; Forced Removals; Developments in KwaZulu; White Affairs; International Developments; Labour


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